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6 Places You MUST Visit on Cape Cod

6 Places You MUST Visit on Cape Cod

Happy Monday guys!

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, the summer is slowly winding down over these next few weeks. This morning it hit me (and it hit me hard) that I have a mere four more weeks left of summer. Four. Today’s post isn’t all bad news though - I’m estatic that I’m flying back home next week and will be spending the weekend on the Cape.

For those of you who don’t know me well or don’t follow me on Insta (and if you don’t follow me here!), you know that there is absolutely no place I love more than Cape Cod. I spent nearly all of my childhood summers exploring the vast beaches on the Cape and pondering the ins and outs of the quaint seaside towns.

In the soon-I’ll-be-on-the-beach fashion, I’ve prepared a list of my favorite places to visit on Cape Cod. You absolutely need to check these digs out the next time you are on the Cape:

      1. Sundae School - the best ice cream parlor in New England. Hands down. During the summer, the quintessential ice cream parlor has police officers monitoring the traffic flow because it is so busy. One of my favorite things about Sundae School is that it has remained virtually unchanged since it first opened in the 70s. Their ice cream is out of this world.
      2. Chatham Bars Inn - if you are feeling fancy then head down to Chatham Bars Inn and receive a celebrity-like experience. Chatham Bars Inn is an exquisite hotel compound situated on the Atlantic and offers some of the best views on the East Coast. They have a beautiful open bar area where you and your friends can grab drinks and watch the ships come in. If you are really looking for the ultimate Cape experience, look into booking a room at this fine hotel.
      3. Nauset Beach - although Nauset may be famous for the numerous shark sightings, it is still one of the finest beaches on the Cape. Nauset is also home to some of the most serious waves on the Cape. That will be apparent when you see flocks of surfers enjoying their afternoon on the water.
      4. Provincetown (aka P-Town) - P-Town is the furthest town up on the Cape. Surrounded by water on three fronts, P-Town is definitely a scenic place you need to add to your list. The main street running through the center of town is lined with antiquated shops including an array of bakeries, candy shops and clothing boutiques. Nearly all of the restaurants have a picturesque view of the sea making it an ideal spot for a meal out. Be sure to check out the Pilgrim Monument (the hard to miss monument at the top of the hill) and climb the flights of the stairs. You’ll get an expansive view of the Cape that is simply incredible.
      5. Route 6A King’s Highway - while this isn’t a definitive destination per se, it is one of the most scenic "highway" routes in the country. The colonial era estates and farmhouses decorate the road and immerse you in the “old Cape” experience. While you meander King’s Highway, be sure to take time to visit the northern bay side of the Cape.
      6. Cape Playhouse - looking for some entertainment? Don’t miss out on the country's oldest professional summer theater. Theater goers rave about the high quality performances and unique, welcoming atmosphere. I’ve attended several plays and can testify that is an easy-going, fun experience. Definitely recommend.


Now that I’ve crafted my top places to visit while on Cape Cod, I am ready to start packing my bags! I hope you all enjoy your trip. Leave a comment if you have a favorite place I should add to the list!


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The 12 Travel Essentials: Vacation Toiletry Checklist

The 12 Travel Essentials: Vacation Toiletry Checklist

Let’s face it. Packing toiletries for a vacation is a huge headache. Just when you think you *finally* have your act together, it all comes tumbling down when you realize that you’ve forgot to pack your deodorant for your week long trip (admit it… we’ve all reached that low at one point in time).

To avoid that from happening, we’ve compiled the ultimate toiletry checklist for travelers. Here are a few of our essentials to get you started:

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner - absolute necessity. Though most hotels provide guests with the mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo quality can be questionable. Play it on the safe to side and bring your own stash.
  2. Body Wash - minimize the amount of liquid you carry by substituting liquid body wash for bar soap.
  3. Hairbrush - save yourself the hassle of having knotty hair and pack a small brush or comb. You won’t regret it!
  4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - of all toiletries to bring on your trip, a toothbrush and toothpaste are amongst the most important! Throw in some mouthwash if you have some extra space in your bag.
  5. Razor and Shaving Cream - the key here is to remember to pack both your razor and your shaving cream. Don’t feel like bringing your razor on your trip? Buy a cheap disposable razor for a quick on-the-go shave.
  6. Deodorant - should be self-explanatory! A half-size travel deodorant stick should be perfect.
  7. Makeup Remover and Cotton Pads - after a busy day out, the last thing you want to do is spend an unnecessary amount of time taking off your makeup. Packing a tube of makeup remover and a few cotton pads will make taking off your makeup a breeze at the end of the day.
  8. Moisturizing Lotion - always a fabulous idea to carry some moisturizing lotion when you travel. A small bottle should do the trick.
  9. Advil - comes in handy when you least expect it. Can save you a lot of running around in case a headache arises.
  10. Vitamins - carrying vitamins with you when you travel is a great habit. Don’t forget to keep on top of your health while you travel!
  11. Band Aids - prepare for the unexpected. A simple band aid or two in your toiletry kit can save you a lot of hassle should an incident occur.
  12. Sunscreen - a must-pack if you are venturing into warmer weather!
  • Hope this simple checklist saves you some time the next time you are packing your toiletry bag for your vacation! Feel free to add some of your favorites to the list. Of course, don't forget to pack your toiletries in your Casper & Coal Bucket Bag :) 

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