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  • Out With The Old, In With The Chic (And a bit of our story…)
  • Post author
    Courtney Anderson

Out With The Old, In With The Chic (And a bit of our story…)

Out With The Old, In With The Chic (And a bit of our story…)

Good evening!

We hope that you are enjoying the New Year so far and that you were able to spend some time with friends, family and most importantly, tasty food (kidding!).

As previously announced in our recent blog post, we are beyond excited to officially launch our Casper & Coal signature cosmetic bag line in just a few short weeks.

Casper & Coal, similar to many other brands, came to fruition due to a frustration that most women can admit surfaces almost daily. We’ve all been there. We wake up in the morning, half a sleep and dreary-eyed, only to stumble into the bathroom and find an unorganized, cluttered cosmetic chaos. Or the times when you travel and can’t fit all your necessities in the tiny makeup bag you have (looks like your toothbrush is getting stuffed in next to the shoes, again!). Yep, we’ve all been there. Well, maybe at least some of us.

After one too many poor (and gross) experiences like these, we decided to do something about the traditional, cramped, small makeup bag. But first, we decided to do a quick survey among some of our family and friends. The question was simple … the answers, not so much. It turned out that everyone we spoke to was unsatisfied with their current cosmetic bag, but couldn’t find any alternatives to satisfy them.

Alas, Casper & Coal was born!

We set out with one mission in mind - to craft the perfect cosmetic bag that any one can appreciate. The first necessity was size - we needed to design a bag that fit all of our stuff. Accounting for all of our stuff and making it fit comfortably was a marvel in itself! We needed to make sure that all of our basics were covered and fit well within the bag. Being able to comfortably furnish our hairbrush, toothbrush, deodorant, makeup and a travel shampoo and conditioner sets was a top priority.

But, of course, what good is a large makeup bag if there is no built-in organization? So, you’ve guessed it — we’ve included the obligatory several pockets and elastic bands to hold everything in place in a clean, tidy fashion.

Lastly, we craved a bag that had a chic, hassle-free design. Forget the zippers. We opted for a sleek, stylish design with a unique drawstring for an easy open/close.

And there you have it. A small glimpse into the initial product development thoughts and the motives behind the Casper & Coal brand. We’ve always been passionate advocates of change and hope to take the cosmetic bag industry by storm.

We’re glad that you’re along for the ride!




  • Post author
    Courtney Anderson

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